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A Novel Affair

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"A Novel Affair" ~ The Guilderland Library Foundation's Inaugural Gala, April 25, 2015

A Novel Affair Hide Spoilers. It's a pity 'The Passionate Stranger' isn't better as - by the standards of English 's mainstream cinema - it has some interesting and daring ideas. Having a fantasy sequence based on a manuscript written by the lead female character takes up virtually half the film; quite a bold move when the easy option would be to devote minutes to it. And the attempts to say something on the contrast between the florid melodrama in romantic literature and how the subtleties of real married life are potentially much richer have great potential.

Alas, 'The Passionate Stranger' doesn't really work. The sluggish fantasy sequence in particular is a weakness as it could've been told in half the time. Considering he has limited English skills, how is Carlo Carlo Giustini able to read an entire novel manuscript so quickly and ably? Why couldn't Judith Margaret Leighton put even a slight effort to not make her 'Mario' character somewhat different from Carlo? Weakest of all, the entire post-fantasy closing segment is reliant on the Carlo completely changing his personality on the basis of a fiction manuscript. His going from a sincere, well-meaning personality to a lecherous and idiotic fool doesn't convince on any level; it also shows the film to have a rather patronising attitude to its 'foreign' character.

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  • While not a success, 'The Passionate Stranger' isn't without its pleasures, in particular the performances of Leighton and Richardson underused in this film , who create such an enjoyable dynamic as a couple in the 'real' section you wish there had been more of it. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Filling in a lazy Saturday watching this on TV.

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    It is a scrupulous, equable, stimulating, passionless examination of human conduct—and C. Snow's considered almost flat prose is often deceptive so subtle are many of the intentions and revelations which ensue.

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    His audience by now is most secure. But to be fully understood and appreciated The Affair needs to be read in the context of the whole Strangers and Brothers sequence. The novel was adapted as a play by Ronald Millar and also adapted as a television play for Australian TV in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    pulreroticpo.cf Kirkus Reviews. Commentary Magazine. Snow 's Strangers and Brothers. Categories : British novels English novels Novels by C.