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I thought that it would be something good for the kids to hear. But when a rapper forgets his lines, stutters, or shows up unprepared, the crowd forces them offstage with a devastating chant:. He handed over a cassette tape of Chopin. Piano music filled the room. I was just reading poetry. He played rap music in the bath, Michiko told me. When he saw his stepfather rapping at home, he felt embarrassed.

Scott encouraged his stepfather to be more like the hip-hop rappers he admired. One evening in October , Hershfield heard that KRS-One was speaking about rap history at an event for hip-hoppers in Hollywood, and decided to swing by.

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Then in walks this dude. He explained that he was getting his language back together after a stroke by listening to rap records. I can do it all the time. When Hershfield rapped about his struggles, not history lessons, he inspired the audience. He gave the doctor his telephone number and suggested they hang out.

Read: The revenge of autobiographical rap. He, too, was fascinated with neurology, he said. The song began:.

Rappers respond: ‘This is how we express ourselves’

But the doctor needed to work on his delivery, breath control, and enunciation. And so an unlikely friendship blossomed between the Blastmaster and the Buddhist. The loss was life changing for the rapper: His lyrics became more political and philosophical; he launched a movement called Stop the Violence. The elder statesmen of Leimert Park took Hershfield under their wing, making sure he got time on the mic, and that he got home safely. The younger members of Project Blowed were also drawn to Hershfield. Like them, Hershfield was rapping against the clock, unsure when the next seizure might strike.

Richard Fulton, the coffee-shop owner, became especially close with Hershfield.

That was before he found God—and jazz. Against all odds, a reborn Fulton launched his coffee-and-music operation. His caffeine was strong and the jazz loud. Hershfield and Fulton were kindred spirits, said Erin Kaplan, a journalist who frequented Leimert Park. It was there that he fell into the rhythm of Leimert Park. Every week for two or three years, Hershfield climbed onstage at Project Blowed and gave his everything, sweat on his brow, steam on his glasses, fists pumping.

He had flows, he had good lines that were thought out. I remember a couple of punch lines that came off pretty cool. Her husband was too generous and trusting, she added. A letter arrived from a lawyer representing a different Dr. Rap, who advised him to find a new name, or face legal action. Hershfield, who actually had a doctoral degree, rebranded to Dr.

Flow, but it was too late. His reputation was spreading.

http://old.zppdon.ru/images/cam/spy-camera-windows-phone.html In early , Hershfield attended a talk about violence and rap music at the California State University at Los Angeles. Peace gets nothing. Hershfield was appalled by gang violence and its needless killings. Internally, he was struggling with the fragility of his existence: He had survived a deadly stroke, and life was a precious gift. He found his friend unable to speak, the tumor in his throat so large that his tongue protruded from his mouth.

Fulton could only communicate by writing notes, and knew his life was ebbing away. Fulton, 56, could barely breathe, let alone speak. Back at Project Blowed, Hershfield intensified his efforts to dominate the mic. But his double life soon became strained as his two worlds splintered.

Self Destruction Lyrics

Sometimes, Michiko told me, the guys from Leimert Park would lend Hershfield money for the bus. Then, during one particularly hot evening, everything went black. Everybody stopped what they were doing, trying to nurture Dr. But for Hershfield, rhyming was no longer a symptom, but a cure.

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Brain scans on rappers carried out by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders discovered that during freestyle rapping, brain activity increased in the brain areas that engage motivation, language, mood, and action. Hershfield said rapping kept his seizures under control, and even after he collapsed that night in Leimert Park, he used hip-hop to regain his speech and return to the stage. Read: Mapping creativity in the brain.

Boyer tracked down Hershfield to his office and visited Project Blowed to hear him perform. As Dr. Ben Caldwell showed me footage from a Japanese television station, which filmed Hershfield as he waited to take the mic. He looked like a retiree standing in line for an early-bird dinner special. Then he laid down his rhymes as the crowd bobbed their heads in appreciation. Afterward, Hershfield took a nap on a couch. They liked him for his chutzpah. Hershfield told reporters that Leimert Park had opened his eyes to a whole new world.

I find it very beneficial. To consider that an artist is guilty for a crime because of gangsta rap lyrics completely lacks in hard evidence. If this continues, many artists will be restricted in creativity and expression. Hip hop as a whole will be altered. There are many innocent people being convicted of crimes that they are not committing.

They are being held accountable for the type of music that they have chosen to create. Music is a form of art, each artist is entitled to choose which direction they are willing to go. Music is an outlet of entertainment for rap artists, the same as actors in movies.

He was only acting and had no truth to his life. As for us, we experienced it first hand.