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What harm could ever befall a woman as strong as Big Mama? Afterward, she sometimes blurred the story enough to imply that she had been robbed of royalties or authorial credit for the song when others recorded it. I first saw some lines on a paper bag and I threw in a few hollers to make it go.

They taken everything but my voice. She even acquires property and has a durable relationship with a good man. In the life we do inhabit, Big Mama bought her own car and appears neither to have owned property nor married. You already know how the blues life goes—she died of a heart attack, almost penniless, at the age of fifty-seven, and was buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery in Los Angeles County, sharing a small headstone with two strangers among the poor.

Big Mama was one of the deacons of that revival, a beloved figure on the festival circuit, beginning with her appearance at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival in , on into the odd mind-meld of the club scene in San Francisco. There is ample evidence that her career was profoundly compromised by her alcoholism and her attitude. There is equally ample evidence that she encountered difficulties in navigating the shoals of what was supposed to be a brave new integrated American music scene. Thornton was, however, well acquainted with peril, too. At age fourteen, Thornton was remanded into the care of Sammy Green of the Atlanta-based Hot Harlem Revue, who also ran brothels on the side.

After a dispute over money, she left for Houston, the Eldorado Ballroom, and then the Bronze Peacock club, under the influence of Don Robey, the Peacock recording mastermind. Texas music promoter Angus Wynne remembers Robey as the kind of man capable of weaponizing a microphone stand to exact compliance from an artist. She eschewed the use of banks and often drove herself to her gigs in her own Cadillac, sometimes cooking on a little butane stove she carried with her, sometimes selling food between performances—all perhaps a vestigial throwback to her Hot Harlem Revue days, a hedge against getting stranded anywhere if the management absconds with the money.

She seems to have dwelt by necessity in the margins of prosperity and material success. It's best to water with a drip or trickle system that delivers water at low pressure at the soil level. If you water with overhead sprinklers, water early in the day so the foliage has time to dry off before evening, to minimize disease problems.

Keep the soil moist but not saturated.

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If growing on stakes: As the plants grow, allow only one or two main stems to grow and pinch out any other side shoots as they form. Gently tie the one or two remaining shoots to the stake; don't pull them tightly against the stake. If growing in cages, no pruning is necessary. Whether to remove the side shoots, or suckers, that grow out of the leaf axils or not depends on the support system used. Gardeners using stakes usually snap off these side shoots. They typically get earlier and larger tomatoes but overall production tends to be less.

If tomatoes are grown in cages, the suckers are generally left on, although it's a good idea to pinch the tip out of them when they are inches long. Regardless you may want to remove all the growth from the bottom inches of the plant. This helps to improve air circulation and reduce the spread of diseases such as early blight. Wait until the plants are knee-high.

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In the morning when the plants have the most water in them, snap off the lower growth while it is small. Any plants that look sick with distorted foliage or have a mosaic pattern on the leaves should be removed as they may have a virus that can spread to the other plants. It is best to do this early in the season. Monitor for pests and diseases. Check with your local Cooperative Extension Service for pest controls recommended for your area.

Harvesting and Preserving Tips Determinate tomato plants ripen a heavy crop over a few weeks. Remember that the days to harvest refers to the time from setting out transplants in the garden. Pick tomatoes when they are as ripe as possible. They should be fully colored and firm and picked regularly to avoid overloading plants. At the end of the season, when you know there will be a frost, pick all the almost-ripe tomatoes you can, and ripen them in brown bags or spread on newspapers at room temperature.

Many cultivars will store for months. Do NOT refrigerate and try to avoid having the fruit touch each other. The foliage of tomatoes is toxic and should not be eaten. Tomato fruits are enjoyed in many cooked dishes as a flavoring. Use them to make soups, sauces, stews, ketchup, paste, juice, quiche, and pies.

Add them to curries, casseroles, and chutney. Tomato, Big Mama Hybrid is rated 4.

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This year my area is getting above normal rain and I planted six Big Mama plants and still getting bloom rot. I planted some Big Mama about five years ago and the same thing bloom rot. Will not buy and more Big Mama seed Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by pdewe from paste tomato on steriods This is my second year of growing Big Mamas; satisfied twice. I garden in a community plot and these beauties catch everyone's attention. They are large, very fleshy, tasty and easy to manage in the kitchen. I will be ordering again to make a three-peat. Highly recommend if a paste tomato is your choice.

Date published: Rated 3 out of 5 by planterjeff from Good producer and disease resistant. I want to give this tomato a 5 star rating because it started out that way. The plants were big and strong and produced a lot of fruit. Well, this is a lot of information so just prepare yourself. In this episode we cover our thoughts on good hostess gifts and gifts for both teen boys and teen girls. And all I'd ask in return is that you leave any good suggestions of your own in the comments.

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You Read More. I seriously looked at the date yesterday and couldn't believe it was November I mean I know it in my head somewhere but how are we halfway through November?

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I feel like I'm going to look up and it'll be that time of year when I'm still writing on my checks instead of And then the bigger question will be, "Who still uses checks? In what feels like a commentary on my entire week, I've spent the last five hours starting to finish this post and then getting distracted. In fact, in this time period I have baked a strawberry cake, made taco soup, helped Caroline with her hair and had two glasses of wine.

All that to say, I was probably a little better five hours ago than I am now.

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But a cold front has blown through Read More. This episode is just full of our usual topics. And if you're on the Read More. It's November. I don't even know how this happened.

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