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25b. Early American Railroads

So often romanticized by railroaders, books, films and myth, these iron horses took hard, unwieldy work to corral and maintain. That, in turn, necessitated the addition of a trailing truck and two wheels to support it.

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During and after World War I, the Mikado became a temporary solution for the need for speed and pulling power as earlier steam locomotive designs proved effective at moving heavy freight tonnage, but their tractive effort suffered as a result of the cumbersome weight and wheel arrangement. After experimentation with the firebox size on the Mikado design, Woodard designated that an entirely new wheel arrangement was necessary to support the increasing need for horsepower and enlarged firebox. Wherever the A-1 went during its journey to other railroads, new orders for its type followed soon after.

While Lima pioneered and crafted the design, the American Locomotive Company ALCO also constructed several classes in successive bids to various railroads.

The railroads busy route on the northern end of the city kept Fort Wayne from expanding and persisted to displease motorists, who were constantly held up by the trains. Fort Wayne had already dealt with the problems inherent with ground level roadbed, as the Pennsylvania and Wabash to the south had elevated their tracks decades prior. Both no. As other steam locomotives were scrapped, the engine would be saved at the request of the city that had once demanded the trains off the streets.

The city had asked for no. During an inspection, no. The real was scrapped in Chicago in In , the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society was incorporated to find a way to care for the , which had suffered exposure to the outdoors for ten years. It was decided that the locomotive should be moved to a location where additional historic rail exhibits and even a future museum could be established.


Society members set about preparing the locomotive for movement by lubricating fittings, packing journals, and repairing the air brake system. Temporary trackage was laid down to shuttle the onto former New York Central trackage and the engine was carefully pulled over rails by a front end loader. The Surviving Steam Locomotive Database can be navigated by state, class, wheel arrangement, railroad, gauge, or locomotive builder.

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This web site primarily contains information on full-scale steam locomotives. However, I do have some good information on Model Trains. View the list of surviving roundhouses and turntables. Each entry has a link to a google map view of its location.

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The list is not yet complete but you may submit information on any you may know. The second best thing about this site is its collection of steam locomotive classifications and dimensional data. This data is organized by wheel arrangement using the Whyte System. Use the "Wheel Arrangements" menu above or the button below to navigate this data.

Steam Locomotives

Browse the world of steam locomotives. These pages include details on steam locomotives in all parts of the world. Skip to content. Discover the Glory Days of Railroading!

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