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There are a few maintenance things that need to be checked and a couple tricks to get those naughty girls back in order. First nutrition, make sure you are feeding your hens a formulated layer diet, usually 16 to 18 percent protein with some sort of calcium supplement added. Not having enough protein or calcium in their diet will trigger them into eating eggs which are both protein filled and calcium rich.

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Offer extra calcium in the form of oyster shell, if the eggs are soft for lack of calcium they might be breaking in the nest when the hens jump in and out. And for a short time, maybe a week, offer extra protein in the way of yogurt or milk, stir a little into their feed to make a wet dough. Next, make sure their nest boxes are about 3 ft off the ground, if a hungry hen can see the eggs and reach in to get it she will eat it.

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  8. These are all the maintenance things to do. Now the trick Get as many eggs as you have nests. Take a wooden or metal skewer or stick and stir up the egg inside.

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    Blow out the contents of the egg, use it for scrambled eggs or make a cake. Now fill the empty egg shells with dish soap and cover the holes with a little glue or tape. Place the trick eggs in the nests. Once the hens get the soap in their mouths it won't be long before they stop eating the eggs. During this process it will be very important for you to go out and collect the good eggs every 2 hours or so, so that the only egg available to the hens will be the trick egg.

    Good Luck!!!!

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    Dear Hermit, Many thanks for the reply and all the information,I will certainly pass it on. I particularly like the soap idea! Just need to be there when they taste it! I had this recently I tried golf balls and moving the nest box this cracked it so to speak. Heh, heh, hehh. It is soooo frustrating when they start doing this.

    Another reason why I'm rather fond of our ducks. The Impulsive Gardener www. Are your friends chooks getting lots of treats? Birdie Wife. It can be really, really hard to stop hens eating eggs - once they get a taste for them, they rarely stop. You could try roll-away nest boxes - if your hens will use them, you're onto a winner!

    Just candled my eggs and Similar Threads Naughty hen - help please! By zanush in forum Rule the Roost. Truffle salt feels indulgent and tastes like decadence. Rich, mellow, earthy…. Sunshine Sauce. The creamy nuttiness of the Sunshine Sauce sings against the backdrop of a simple egg. Coconut aminos or homemade substitute , Chinese five-spice powder. Dig into the umami of a few drops of coconut aminos and a pinch of spicy-sweet five-spice powder.

    Bonus if you add sliced scallion greens. Minced tomato, crumbled bacon. Garlic-infused ghee.

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    Warm a teaspoon or two of ghee in a saucepan, then add a crushed garlic clove and let it cook until mellow, about 5 minutes. Spoon over hot eggs and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Prepare to have your mind blown by the awesomeness. This works with olive oil and coconut oil, too; just keep the heat low and let the fat and garlic relax together. Minced apples, cinnamon. Sprinkle with a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of salt, then spoon on top of hot eggs.

    You would not be remiss if you added crumbled bacon to this one, too. I've been joking that I'm becoming a homesteader since we moved to Vermont. That is an unintentional insult to homesteaders everywhere. Preserving things during the I'm on a hard-boiled egg kick. One of my favorite snacks is an hb-egg with a dollop of homemade mayo and a light sprinkling of My topping for eggs is more than a topping really, it is more of a mixture. Then put them on a plate and salt and pepper to taste, yum yum yum. I have many more ingredents I have put in eggs. Eat out of the pan. Do you say to eat it out of the pan because no one should be made to wait for plating?

    Another simply delicious option. If you have made the Moraccan meatballs from the Well Fed cookbook, make extra sauce. Get that to a bubbling hot temperature stir, bubble again then crack eggs on top of that. By making extra sauce you get two flavorful meals with only one big prep! My favorites toppings are salsa, guacamole or pesto! I love making huevos rancheros minus the corn tortillas! I will have to try adding that to my eggs!

    Great ideas!

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    Definitely avocado, ham and salsa. I swear, people are skeeved by pickles with a hot egg. But when you break the yolk? Its a BIT like heaven! Raw sauerkraut! Welcome back, Mel! I usually plop an entire can of sardines down on top of my eggs, and top that with an obscene amount of cracked pepper and hot sauce. Then mayo on top to cut the heat. Then shovel. Under the egg…fried in duck fat.

    On top…chimichurri. Breakfast time right now!! Fried eggs have been rocking my face lately. Recently I stuck one on top of a turkey burger.

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    If heaven had a taste, that would be it. It is SO good, and compared with the pleasure, not much work! Bonus points for putting it all on top of greens from the garden! Mole Verde!

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    4. Whip up a batch on occasion during the weekly cook up and it is great on eggs, meat, etc. Or mix scrambled eggs in the pan with the veggie. My final technique requires a bit of advance planning. I roast tomatoes with various veggies when they are ripe in the summer and then freeze the delicious results spread very thinly in a gallon freezer bag. I can break off a big chunk, nuke it in the microwave oven while my eggs cook, and serve it all up.

      Hot and yummy. Utterly awesome. When the girls are laying in the spring, one can get a bit egged out. On a weekday; definately with salsa, hot sauce and chopped avocado. Ooooooh, I gotta try that garlic ghee thing this weekend!!!

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      Thanks for all the ideas, I love eggs for b-fast, but they truly become boring over time when using the same way of preparation.. I just started the Paleo solution for autoimmunity and I can not have eggs. I would like to try the meatball recipes in the Well Fed cook book and need a substitute for eggs.

      Hey, Deborah.