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Cette parole est radicalement anti-raciste et anti-sexiste. Ils parlent en notre nom. Pour notre bien. Il vous prie de ravaler vos larmes et de remballer vos bons sentiments. Thus they reject the appropriation of their voice, which they declare to be both paternalistic and neo-colonial. As already demonstrated above and in the title of this article , they make extensive use of parody and satire.

In identifying evidence of patriarchal culture and misogyny within Christian religious ideology, Ni Potes Ni Soumises demon- strates the limitation of any feminist discourse that seeks to prob- lematize and critique only one particular cultural or religious tradi- tion. As a result, even those who are not practicing Muslims are nonetheless considered eter- nally linked to Islam based purely on their ethnic origins.

Her sexuality and her body reflect the boundaries of the community and must therefore be policed and guarded. They reject the creation of opposition between their status as women and as postcolonial subjects. As prominent feminist critical race scholar bell hooks has documented in relation to the Black civil rights movement, all too often women become symbolic but ancillary to a battle which is ultimately about reclaiming for the dominated or reasserting for the dominant patriarchal power. This language is not only vivid in its visualizing effect, it taps into an incredibly rich theoretical area in terms of the inter-relationship of sex, gender and colonial discourses; areas about which scholars such as Ann Laura Stoler and Anne McClintock have written extensively.

This has radical implications for the Western project of modernity, a project to which France has been particularly tied. Whether or not the movement will develop these ideas re- mains to be seen. Instead, they seem very eager to draw on the work of major Chicana feminists and black critical race feminists. This represents another radical shift.

As Fassin writes, the constant need for French feminist movements to set themselves in opposition to the US, has been unhelpful and at times counterproductive So far they have had nowhere near the mainstream exposure or success that Ni Putes Ni Soumises has had.

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However, the challenging of French colonial memory, the injection of postcolonial theory into French political and public life and the identification of the hypocrisy hidden within recourse to Republican values can only enrich debate on issues of race, ethnicity and gender in France. Furthermore, the fact that this challenge is not coming solely from within the academy but an attempt is being made to convert this into political and social action makes it all the more exciting.

This issue became the source of intense public interest and outrage following the release of the film La Squale in and the publication of the autobiography of gang rape survivor Samira Bellil in Bibliography Agacinski, Sylviane. Amara, Fadela. Ni Putes Ni Soumises.

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Accessed 27 June Bourdieu, Pierre. Bouteldja, Houria. Brubaker, Rogers.

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Citizenship and Nationhood in France and Germany. Dubois, Laurent. Grewal, Kiran. Matt Killingsworth. Natashas Theme "Children of the Storm" begins as the narrator, Natasha, describes a family trip to visit her father At the end of the book, Natasha's family is reunited, as the Soviet regime is losing power.

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