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Designing Album Covers with Color Theory. What is the science behind color theory, and how is it used in fashion and album cover design? What is distortion, and how did it become a desired guitar effect in Rock and Roll? How do successful music producers practice positive leadership skills? How can Gospel music help students identify the musical concepts of beat, meter, backbeat, subdivision, and syncopation? How can shapes be used to design an electric guitar? Making Music Videos with a Homemade Projector. Drawing to Music.

The Leadership Skills of a Music Producer. Learning Rhythm through Gospel. New Releases. Who are the Deadheads and how did their lifestyle contrast with the conservative values promoted by President Ronald Reagan in the s? What is a PA system, how does it work, and how were the Grateful Dead pioneers in live sound technology? Counterculture in the s Featured Artists: Grateful Dead. How did the counterculture movement of the late s challenge traditional American behaviors and values, and how did the Grateful Dead reflect these changing views of life and society?

The class will be divided into six groups, two of each of these. If your class is small, create only three, one of each. Pre-asssign your groups simply by reproducing a class list with each student listed as a A, B or C.


Print and distribute the background reading prior to doing the activity. Introduce Shays Rebellion with your own 5 minute descriptor. Allow groups one whole class period to prepare their petitions and responses, which are detailed below. One the second day of this activity, direct Group A to present and explain their Petition of Grievances to the class. Students can come to the front of the room using either their poster or electronic slide file. Circulate during preparation time to check on students and monitor progress. After Group 2 presents, Group C, State Legislators, comes to the front to explain and present their compromises.

Create a spontaneous dialogue within this so that all groups are reasoning.

Create a closure and wrap up based on some or all of the key analytical questions listed in this lesson. Group 1 : Farmers and War Veterans : Prepare a statement of your grievance s and complaints against your creditors and the state government. Explain why the demands of the farmers cannot be met in the location of the state capital, printing paper money, amending the state constitution on property requirements.

Fashion a compromise between your two groups of citizens that meets the needs of the farmers while still preserving law and order and that averts the possibility of civil war. Will you agree to move the state capital, issue paper currency, suspend debtor trials, extend private debts? Be certain that the petition that this group creates includes the following elements. Circulate during preparation time to be certain that students in Group 1 articulate these claims. Relocation of the state capital from Boston to central Massachusetts, Springfield, where farmers will have better access to representation.

Closing to include the threat that if all demands are not met attacks upon the courts will continue in the spirit of Be certain that the response statement from the merchants and creditors contains the following elements. Circulate during preparation time to assist the students in articulating these claims.

Activity 1. Review of circumstances surrounding Whiskey Rebellion of 1794

War bonds are a legal contract between the government and their holders. All war bonds must be honored in full. The state must honor its financial obligations. Foreclosure trials shall continue. Courts shall continue to confiscate the land and property of those behind in their debts. This is not an injustice replicating the British.

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This is the rights of private property to have contracts enforced. No paper currency shall be issued. Paper currency wipes out wealth and causes rampant inflation. There shall be no re-location of the state capital.

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Boston is the population center and the center of commerce. It would be foolish and impossible to move the capital to a rural area. Debtors cannot be trusted to vote.

They are volatile and irresponsible. Only those with a stake in society, with property to protect, are responsible enough and stable enough to be entrusted with the vote. In closing , we insist that the state militia be called out to suppress by force this lawless rebellion of bandits who have failed to honor their contracts and are now employing violence against the lawful officials of their government.

Law and order must be restored. This group has the trickiest thinking assignment of all. As they prepare, circulate to assist them in thinking through some of the issues. They are seeking to fashion a compromise by which the legitimate needs of the debtors are protected while maintaining law and order.

Rebellion Lesson Plans for Teachers

There is not a specific list of points of this group must make. These students are truly using their minds and creativity to fashion genuine compromises. Sit with this group of students for a little while and try to get them to think through some of these things as they study the issues. Movement of the state capital. Perhaps this group could propose a compromise by which the capital city would remain in Boston in the East, but a large Turnpike would be constructed connecting it with the western counties of the state.

Use arrays to create an art project that demonstrates students understanding of multiplication. Give students an engineering challenge, such as building a bridge out of Popsicle sticks. Turn photographs into black and white images that kids can fill in to learn about color. Try your hands at making beautiful quilted fraction art. Make detailed travel brochures to learn about history or geography.

September 20th Climate Action. A Multimedia Website.

Introduce students to the work of artist Alberto Giacometti and invite them to make figurative sculptures that teach about shadow, too. Teach students how to weave, knit, or sew and allow them to work on their projects during read aloud or quiet time. Gather a variety of yummy treats and challenge students to make edible models of the cell. Try making digital scrapbook book reports instead of traditional written ones. Memorize math formulas by setting them to music.

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Use picture books to help students understand the elements of writing. Keep a bucket of LEGO on hand—whether you teach English, science or math—that fidgety students can use to unleash their energy. Challenge students to bring in foods they have never tried before. Cover the space with butcher paper and let kids go to town! Collaborate on a class mural— on the ceiling!

Invite English students to write a fictional response to a piece of literature instead of a straight analytical one.