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At current oil prices, props make more sense for carriers than smaller jets

Tom Reilly more. Dear MT! Here are 2 videos and a photo illustrating the awesomeness of your 5 blade composite props on a KA B with Blackhawk engine upgrades.

Why a propeller has angled blades

NWG tail number. The photo was taken at level flight, knts, ft. Only 84dB.

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We can hear the pilots taking now and they can hear us. We did a ton of noise level measurements that we can send if you want the data. We did the recordings with both a dosimeter as well my iPhone using Decibel X Pro app from multiple positions onboard, including the cockpit before and after installing your props. Huge difference.

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This requires a constant look out for other traffic and the navigation is made through visual guidance on the ground.

How do propellers work? - Explain that Stuff

A big issue in aviation is that the many pilots loose their manual flying skills over the years. Even when flying up to hours in one year, the high level of automation and company procedures prevent pilots to fly manually more often.

ANTONOV AN-22 - The BIGGEST PROPELLER PLANE in the world - Landing and Departure (4K)

Usually only take off and landing are flown by end. But especially those manual flying skills are needed when there happens to be a failure or abnormality of a system. Read this report about it. That is one reason why I decided to practice my manual flying skills once in a while. Additionally I enjoy flying at a moderate altitude to have a great view of the countryside and to choose the destination myself.

I would say it is purer way of flying since everything feels closer without numerous systems and automation aids. Sunny day in autumn with temperatures around 2 degrees — on the way to Runway This was definitely a special day of flying in my career, which I will remember for a long time. In case you want to become a pilot or want to charter a plane, this family owned business is situated only one hour from Berlin.

They offer courses to a acquire a private or even a commercial license so you may become my first officer some day. Follow me The Bild interview in full length:. This is really interesting pilot, I would definitely feel safe with you doing the flying.

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  • Be great. The weather was so nice and Patrick did a great job as pilot. Are you one of these colleagues that I see grocery shopping in uniform as well? Hilarious …. Hello Stephanie, thanks for your nice comment! I am more than happy to give you an appropriate to your question. It is not unusual to wear a uniform when you go flying, especially when you are training. Please remember on my blog good vibes only!