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Virtual Prayer Meeting. Virtual Prayer Meeting December 9, Podcast: Play in new window Download. Sparks of Revival. What is God speaking right now Where are you in revival? August 4, Crops failed, diseases spread, and early deaths were common.

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Into such a dismal cultural climate, a spiritual outbreak occurred which no one could have predicted—the Great Awakening. Do you like it?

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July 28, Kyle Williamson, a leader in the telecommunications field, is putting in place structures of integrity to support revival in the family. Listen as he shares with Tom the sparks of a revival of Jesus that is underway in the marketplace. July 18, At 20 years old, Jordan's love for Christ is shining forth around the nation.

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HowToLife is a fast-growing global youth movement of students mobilized together to lead their peers to stand and live for Jesus. June 25, Emily Adams ran into a Spark of Revival on her return trip home from the Northeast Decision Tour with Franklin Graham, where they saw almost people make decisions for Christ.

Emily tells how she met an Uber Driver that was taking her home and how God is using him to reach others for Christ through his work as an Uber Driver. Sparks of Revival can show up in places that we would least expect. June 10, Sparks of Revival: Greg and Suzanne Winslow.

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Oct 17, He is awakening the world through the reconciling love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. What if God was already awakening you, your. In his recent book The American Evangelical Story. How can you join His revival and share your Jesus Now Awakening story?

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In almost all cases, those movements of the Spirit were most evident among They were called "holy madmen, launched out to redeem another generation of spiritual Its form, which is that of prayer, praise and personal testimony, and its There are many young Christian leaders who sense that another awakening.

Dec 24, - min - Uploaded by Oblate School of Theology Nothing breaks open our self-understanding and shows us the inner workings of the soul as. It is the true story of the world. Moreover, this God is a speaking God who by his Spirit has graciously disclosed himself in have faith in Jesus, and that he will one day glorify them—all to the praise of his glorious grace.

See how God turned his life in a different direction that led to redemption. May 24, life story - of a spiritual reawakening that began in Wheeling -with an. Apr 15, Dog! The Story of Redemption is based upon the scriptural theme of love, praise, and adoration to the Father and awakening a desire for spiritual progress. You will notice that A spiritual awakening is a time when many people are changed by coming to faith in..

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