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Ressources Index. Voir tout. Avantages Eyrolles. JavaScript pour les web designers. Responsive web design. CSS3 pour les web designers. Responsive design patterns. HTML5 pour les web designers. Universities and have the opportunity to work towards your PhD in a group of excellent scientists - Tuition, stipend, and fringe benefits - You will get financial support to attend and present at top level international conferences - Visas will be fully funded for international students.

To apply, please send an email to Prof. Yelin Kim yelinkim albany.

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We have rolling admissions policies, so please apply as early as possible. Please liberally forward and share to possibly interested candidates or people that might know suitable candidates. The Expression team of IRISA is recruiting a PhD candidate in computer science on the subject 'Universal speech synthesis through embeddings of massive heterogeneous data'. This work focuses on the following domains:.

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Ecole Doctorale de l? Pour postuler merci d? ETS Educational Testing Service is a global not for profit organization whose mission is to advance quality and equity in education.

With more than 3, global employees, we develop, administer and score more than 50 million tests annually in more than countries. This is an excellent opportunity to be part of a world-renowned research and development team and have a significant impact on existing and next generation spoken and multimodal dialog systems and their application to assessment and other areas in education.

Primary responsibilities include:. Developing and collaborating on interdisciplinary projects that aim to transfer techniques to a new context or scientific field. Successful candidates are self-motivated and self-driven, and have a strong interest in emerging conversational technology that can contribute to education in assessment and instructional settings. Providing scientific and technical skills to conceptualize, design, obtain support for, conduct, and manage new research projects, grants, or parts of existing projects.

Generating or contributing to new or modified methods that support research on and development of spoken and multimodal dialog systems and related technologies relevant in assessment and instructional settings. Designing and conducting scientific studies and functioning as an expert in the major facets of the projects: responding as a subject matter expert in presenting the results of acquired knowledge and experience.

Developing or assisting in developing proposals for external and internal research grants and obtain financial support for new or continuing research activities.

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Prepare initial and final proposal and project budgets. Participating in dissemination activities through the publications of research papers in peer-reviewed journals and in the ETS Research Report series, the issuing of progress and technical reports, the presentation of seminars at major conferences and at ETS, or the use of other appropriate communication vehicles, including patents, books and chapters, that impact practice in the field or at ETS.

Depending on experience this position is open to entry level candidates as well as mid-level and senior level professionals. A Doctorate in computer science, linguistics, cognitive psychology or a related field is required. One year of research experience is required, in education is desirable.

Experience can be gained through doctoral studies. Candidates should be very skilled in programming and be able to work effectively as a research team member. A Doctorate in computer science, linguistics, cognitive psychology, or a related field is required. Research experience in education is desirable. Three years of progressively independent substantive research in the area of computer science, linguistics, cognitive psychology, or education are required.

Eight years of progressively independent substantive research in the area of computer science, linguistics, cognitive psychology, or education are required. We offer a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits and excellent opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Embedding enhancement information in the speech signal Speech becomes harder to understand in the presence of noise and other distortions, such as telephone channels. This is especially true for people with a hearing impairment. A clever way around this problem might be for the sender to add extra information to the original speech signal, before noise or distortion is added. The receiver e.

Funding: Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellowship 2. Broadcast Quality End-to-end Speech Synthesis Advances in neural networks made jointly in the fields of automatic speech recognition and speech synthesis, amongst others, have led to a new understanding of their capabilities as generative models.

Neural networks can now directly generate synthetic speech waveforms, without the limited quality of a vocoder. We have made separate advances, using neural networks to discover representations of spoken and written language that have applications in lightly-supervised text processing for almost any language, and for adaptation of speaker identity and style.

Country strategy and programme evaluation

The project will combine these techniques into a single end-to-end model for speech synthesis. This will require new techniques to learn from both text and speech data, which may have other applications, such as automatic speech recognition. Automatic Extraction of Rich Metadata from Broadcast Speech in collaboration with the BBC The research studentship will be concerned with automatically learning to extract rich metadata information from broadcast television recordings, using speech recognition and natural language processing techniques.

We will build on recent advances in convolutional and recurrent neural networks, using architectures which learn representations jointly, considering both acoustic and textual data. The project will build on our current work in the rich transcription of broadcast speech using neural network based speech recognition systems, along with neural network approaches to machine reading and summarisation. In particular, we are interested in developing approaches to transcribing broadcast speech in a way appropriate to the particular context.

This may include compression or distillation of the content perhaps to fit in with the constraints of subtitling , transforming conversational speech into a form that is more easy to read as text, or transcribing broadcast speech in a way appropriate for a particular reading age. Postdoctoral research position: Multitlingual code-switched speech corpus and systems.

Stolen Child

The project will involve the compilation of a multilingual at least 5 languages corpus of conversational code-switched South African speech. Specific project objectives include the gathering of the acoustic data, developing a transcription protocol, recruiting annotators, setting up and managing the annotation process, developing a validation protocol, validating the data, developing baseline automatic speech recognition systems in the languages of the corpus, and producing new and original research into how best to automatically recognise and process this mixed-language speech.

Finally, candidates must have excellent English writing skills and have an explicit interest in scientific research and publication. The position will be available for one year, with a possible extension to a second and third year, depending on progress and available funds. Applications should include a covering letter, curriculum vitae, list of publications, research projects, conference participation and details of three contactable referees and should be sent as soon as possible to: Prof Thomas Niesler, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Stellenbosch, Private Bag X1, Matieland Applications can also be sent by email to: trn sun.

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The successful applicant will be subject to University policies and procedures.