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It is certain to appeal to American Jews who are seeking identity as Americans and as Jews, and to any reader interesting in understanding why Jews feel rooted in modern America. Contents: Introduction: The American-Hebraic idea -- Human dignity: from creation to Constitution -- The rule of law: Torah and Constitution -- Judaism and the democratic ideal -- Conscience: the movement from duty to right -from the Bible to the Bill of Rights -- Individual conscience or group consciousness: religious liberty in the United States and Israel -- From Jewish rights to human rights -- Life and liberty for the pursuit of happiness.

Political science -- United States -- History. Judaism -- History -- To 70 A. Democracy -- Religious aspects -- Judaism. Politics in the Bible. Jacket a bit scuffed. Excellent condition in very good dust jacket. Neuware - The meaning of wealth has become one of the least understood concepts of our time.

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Quite the contrary-we all have the same basic human rights regardless of what our morals and ethics are. These are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

How have we strayed so far from the principles this country was founded upon? In straightforward, easy to read text, The Bill of Rights outlines the 27 amendments to the Constitution, what they are, what they mean to most people today, and how they have been misused. You decide for yourself. Lay aside political belief systems, special interest groups, and political parties. How will you exercise our founding fathers' vision of freedom in life in the 21st century? Neuware - A powerful and timely story of marriage, class, race and the pursuit of the American Dream.

Facsimile reprint of First edition of 2 Vols. New-York: Printed and Sold by J. Reprinted by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. Period-style calf binding with lettering piece and gilt filets to spine, colored edges.

Most scholars agree that 51 of the essays were written by Hamilton, 29 Madison and 5 by Jay. Written in Revised and Corrected. Originally published: New-York: George F. Hopkins, ISBN For this edition Hopkins, in his publication announcement of January 13, , Hopkins revealed Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay as the anonymous authors of the essays. The essays that comprise this work appeared under the collective pseudonym "Publius" in New York newspapers and journals from October 27, to early June Neuware - The Past as Liberation from History explores the difference between the social construction we call history and the lived experience we call the past, arguing that by failing to distinguish between the two, we risk unquestionably accepting as authoritative accounts of the past in which we have no voice.

It shows that identities rooted in the richness and variety of the past, even when the history is painful, serve the purpose of drawing us closer to one another as we seek to realize our shared dreams of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. By placing in counterpoint broader educational concerns with the teaching experiences of the author, the study also explores this individual's testimony as a teacher seeking to make relevant for his students the examination of the past.

A powerful and inspirational look at how our nation's earliest ideals resonate in today's world, The American Dream shows us in very personal terms that America is still a place where hard work, dedication, and vision can transform dreams into reality. Bestselling author and award winning journalist who struggle for and achieve their desires and ambitions. Here he has gathered the stories of ordinary men and women across the country who are accomplishing the extraordinary, and demonstrates how the American dream guides us as individuals and as a society, binding us together even amid the fragmenting and self-isolating tendencies of modern American life.

Stirring and provocative, The American Dream illustrates that the basic American desire for " life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness " is alive and well. It also confirms what our founding fathers always believed: that we are a country of visionaries, in ways big and small. London: Reprinted, the sixth time, by A. Millar, H. Woodfall, I. Whiston and B. White, I. Rivington, L. Davis and C. Reymers, R. Baldwin, Hawes Clarke and Collins; W. Johnston, W. Owen, I. Richardson, S. Crowder, T.

Die "Declaration of Independence" in Europa (1776–1815)

Longman, B. Law, C. Rivington, E. Dilly, R. Withy, C. Ware, S. Baker, T. Payne, A. Ormsby, Robert McK. Robert McKinley , Printed by H. Houghton and Company] Massachusetts The walk.

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Clark, William Adolphus, Boston: : Printed for the author. Kramer, John Theophilus.

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Boston: : Robert F. Wallcut, 21 Cornhill. Boston: : Ticknor and Fields. Boston: : Rufus Leighton, Jr. Boston: : Geo. Rand and Avery, city printers, No. Shipherd, Jacob R. Boston: : Published by John P. Everett, Edward, Resolutions adopted by the meeting.

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Letters of ex-president Pierce Names of signers to the call. Phonographic report. Union Meeting : Boston, Mass. Burleigh at the annual meeting of the Massachusetts A. Society, Friday, January 28, Burleigh, Charles C. Charles Calistus , Boston : published by the Mass.